Children’s Programs

Children are the unintended victims of poverty. At Circle, we offer several programs that directly benefit the children of our clients.

Back To School

Children who start the school year with adequate school supplies are children ready to learn with confidence. Our annual Back-To-School event each August helps equip the children of our client families with fresh, new supplies.

Client families are eligible to receive an assortment of grade level-appropriate school supplies, along with a new backpack, for each child in kindergarten through college. From filler paper to scientific calculators, from pencil boxes to thumb drives, Back To School outfits school children with what they need to succeed.

Last year nearly 600 children and young adults were equipped to learn and succeed thanks to generous support from our donors!!

Click here for a list of supplies needed and delivery information. Thank you!

Summer Opportunities

Learning and enrichment shouldn’t end with the last bell of the school year. Through our Summer Opportunities program, children of our clients have access to local camps, sports teams and other summer programs that their families might otherwise be unable to afford.

Birthday Club

Circle Of Concern spreads birthday joy for all client families with children under 12 years of age. Each child receives personally-selected gifts, along with a birthday bag containing a cake mix, icing and party supplies.

Kid Bags

Children of our clients may qualify for free or reduced breakfast and/or lunch programs at their schools during the school year. During the summer, those meal programs come to an end. To ensure these children have enough to eat, Circle provides Kid Bags to supplement the groceries we share with the families through the summer. Kid Bags include an assortment of kid-friendly foods – macaroni and cheese, peanut butter, canned pasta, cereal, cheese sticks and fresh fruit – to bridge the summer hunger gap.