Food Pantry

The food pantry is our core service. It is also the gateway to other Circle programs and services; in order to access other programs, families must first receive food from the food pantry.

Each month, Circle Of Concern serves approximately 2,000 people with groceries.

The quantity of food shared is determined by a client’s family size. We share a 7 to 10 day supply of grocery items, including milk, eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables, bakery items, frozen meats and canned goods. Because items like soap and toilet paper cannot be purchased with food stamps, personal care items and paper products also are included with the groceries.

For families with school-age children who receive free or reduced-cost breakfast and/or lunch during the school year, we provide Kid Bags during the summer. These packs include additional child-friendly food to help bridge the grocery gap and ensure these children have enough to eat when school is not in session.